(DES)INFO. Information tricks: understanding and confronting misinformation (with a serious game)


We start from the observation of the deterioration of the bond of trust between the scientific community and citizens – essential to democratic life – under the growing influence of disinformation (in its many forms). To respond to this very current challenge, the (DES)INFO project in which we are involved has set itself 3 main objectives:

  1. A better awareness misinformation;
  2. propose and implement solutions in order to fight against it;
  3. assess the effectiveness of these solutions.

In this project, Thibaud Hulin is loaded side ELLIADD to lead the design of a serious game intended to raise young people's awareness of the issue of misinformation.

Misinformation is a very current problem in our society. This phenomenon is therefore increasingly studied. However, some of these facets remain obscure.
To shed light on them, we propose an approach whose main characteristics are:

  • his originality (misinformation considered a form of trickery based on false or altered information);
  • his interdisciplinarity (history, literature, language sciences, educational sciences, cognitive psychology, sociology, medicine, physics, etc.);
  • a method which crosses a diachronic study (ISTA) with the view of disciplines such as cognitive psychology (Lab. of Psychology), language, information and communication sciences (ELLIADD) or education (IREDU).

Thus, the research carried out in this direction will serve as a starting point in order to establish and develop concrete solutions. Also, these solutions will take the form of operations of disclosure (Fabrikà) and journalistic mediation (Facta and Pagella politica). Finally, it is a question of carrying out educational actions (IREDU, ELLIADD, ISTA) whose effectiveness will be evaluated (IREDU).

Objectives and expected results of the disinformation project

  • Acquire a awareness finer analysis of the “disinformation” phenomenon through a diachronic approach and the crossing of disciplinary perspectives
  • formulate recommendations for the development and application of educational and/or disclosure operations
  • Make available to the public a toolbox online digital which will allow the verification of different types of information (text, image, sound, multimedia)
  • To raise awareness and to inform the public (general, school) about the issue of misinformation
  • Experiment innovative disclosure / awareness solutions

Coordinator of the project : Michael Pretalli, Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Antiquity (UFR SLHS).

Funding : Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region (Span category).

Responsibles side ELLIADD / UFC: Thibaud Hulin (realization of the serious game) & Virginie Lethier.

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