“I like to share my knowledge with the younger generation, learn from them how the world moves and help them progress.

I want to promote training and research on design, writing and digital humanities, promote critical thinking and fight against discrimination.

Let's learn and search together!"

Thibaud Hulin
Etudiante qui lit un ouvrage de Thibaud Hulin avec passion

Biography of Thibaud Hulin

I am a teacher-researcher, lecturer authorized to direct research (HDR) in information and communication sciences, in the laboratory ELLIADD from the University of Franche-Comté.
First of all, I teach digital communication as part of the LEA Master's degree in Languages, Communication and E-commerce, at UFR STGI, Montbéliard site.
In addition, I am a philosopher by training. My doctoral thesis focused on the transmission of know-how in the history of ideas. Subsequently, I was a researcher and developer at the LIRIS computer laboratory, University of Lyon I. 
I was then a lecturer at the University of Montpellier, at the LIRDEF laboratory.
Then I was a teacher-researcher at the University of Burgundy, at the CIMEOS laboratory, and as head of the department at the DUT Professions of Multimedia and the Internet at the IUT of Dijon-Auxerre. I entered into September, 2020 at University of Franche-Coùté
In addition, I am a founding member of the office of the Scientific Interest Group "Innovation, Interdisciplinarity, Training" (GIS 2IF), which brings together 9 laboratories. Thanks to this federative research structure, I co-lead the “digital humanities and education” research project (HUMANE / #HN_education).
To our that my Habilitation to Direct Research, supported the December 15, 2020, is entitled: "Experience design and writing for digital media: a scriptural theory of experience applied to instructional design and design pedagogy".

I carry or am involved in many research projects that you will find in the category Projects of this website.

Among these, I am carrying out an important project to promote research on language learning: it involves creating a start-up that can help as many people as possible improve their learning of English.

Finally, you will also find here information about my educational books on digital communication.

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