SPIRAL Le Web sémantique au service des ressources pour l’éducation et la formation

Un escalier illustrant le web sémantique comme spirale et comme élévation pour la formation et l'éducation
A staircase illustrating the semantic web as a spiral (cycle and ancestry) for training and education

The Semantic Platform for InteRActive Learning (SPIRAL) project is a multidisciplinary research project that combines semantic web, education and training. From a critical perspective, it aims to facilitate the design of learning platforms using semantic web technologies. It promotes the use of technologies for playful and social interactivity, mobility and semantic description of internal and external resources. This project also aims to promote the design of technologies and training methods for organizations. It must provide new services to large audiences. Or, it can add new services to already existing platforms.

This research program began in 2015. It has made it possible to launch two theses and an additional funded research contract (with partners The MOOC Agency then Managersdetalents.com). SPIRAL is part of the actions of the GIS2IF. It is currently continuing as part of the project HUMAN. Dans cet environnement stimulant, il vise à participer à la construction de plateformes sémantiques centrées sur l’expérience des enseignants. Il a aussi pour tâche de développer les compétences de haut niveau des apprenants.

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