Ergolang: learning languages through cultural immersion

Contact me if you are interested in the theme of language learning or the creation of Ergolang. This project is supported by DECABFC and Pays de Montbéliard Agglomeration.

Rapport d'activité DECABFC 2021 - projet Ergolang en incubation, apprentissage des langues
DECABFC 2021 activity report – Ergolang project in incubation, language learning

Ergolang is a single solution and innovative, dedicated to learning and consuming content in foreign languages.

To understand the need that the Ergolang company will meet, we are going to tell you the story of one of our personas: Julie.

So here it is: Julie works in a large French company. Unfortunately, she did not get the job she wanted to advance in her career: her level of foreign languages was insufficient, despite all the hours of training she took. It was Klaus, a German, who got the job.

It is to change this that I propose the creation of a company. Indeed, traditional training courses struggle to take into account the personal or professional needs of the learners, the desires and the knowledge acquired; and they require a considerable amount of extra work and time.

How Ergolang can improve the level of English in France?

Today, it takes 400 hours of training for an employee to go from an intermediate level (B1) to an operational level (C1). In Europe, France is 26th out of 29 in English proficiency.

While the distribution of American series explodes; why shouldn't we progress in English while having fun?

Indeed, Ergolang allows you to watch series, read web pages or books in the text, right now. This project offers personalized exercises related to the content you consume.

For this, Ergolang just translates the words you don't know. Then, he can suggest content adapted to your language level. And to revise, it produces personalized exercises.

For the project to develop, the company must improve theuser experience, to offer the general public the possibility of feeling comfortable in any language.

Within a year, and with the collaboration of the training centers, we will contribute to raising the level of English of the French. Julie will get the job she deserves!

Knowing thatshe is just one persona among others : teenagers, adults wishing to travel…

And within 3 years, we will develop our offer internationally, to better communicate and understand each other, and contribute to a Europe of peace.

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