Interactive experience design and writing for digital media (HDR)

We deliver here our work on the theme “Design of experience and digital writing”. Hulin, T. (2020). Interactive experience design and writing for digital media — A scriptural theory of experience applied to instructional design and the pedagogy of design (361 p.) [Mémoire de HDR]. CIMEOS, University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté.

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On the one hand, this work presents the theoretical foundations of experience design and digital writing from a CIS point of view. Also, it develops the point of view of the sciences of information and communication on this object. Then, he presents the applications of this scriptural theory. On the other hand, it is applied to educational design and the pedagogy of design. This report enabled me to obtain the authorization to direct research.

Design of experience and digital writing: excerpts

Experience design is in vogue in contemporary media. The Web is no longer that of the pioneers, ready to welcome innovation with open arms… Internet technologies have long been democratized, web services now concern billions of users. In the context of mass communication, the smallest detail can attract or drive away a large number of customers. Also, it is necessary to produce services and multimedia products that are the most usable… However, this is not for the pleasure of designers. It is in the economic interest of the publishers of these services and products. Indeed, design efforts translate into a return on investment (…).

However, improving the user experience does not only have economic benefits. The Web is not just a commercial space; it is also a space for creation, sharing and production. Offering a new writing medium, the electronic medium, the Web profoundly upsets our civilizations and our relationship to culture, for the worse as for the better. While some lament the diminishing time spent reading and underline the competition between screens and the paper book, others affirm that an invention like the book is Eco, Carrière and Tonnac, 2009), and recall that we has never written as much as in recent years (Dejond, 2006). (…)

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